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The contest winner will receive a custom guitar amp made by TMI Amplification.

  • The amp will be 5 watts with a pair of EL91 output tubes in class AB operation.
  • The amp will feature a 'clean to crunch' channel and a front panel switch for a high gain boost.
  • The amp will be constructed in a small format 11" X 7" chassis.
  • The amp enclosure will be made of high end curly maple with a perforated metal grill.
  • Winner chooses the color scheme for the amp's enclosure and metal grill.
  • Winner may contribute artwork for side panel inlays, or work with TMI Amplification on design of inlays.
  • Winner chooses front panel control labels, artwork, and panel material.
  • Winner has some say in the final circuit details include level of gain and tone controls.

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